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Membership Benefits

Our members take advantage of a host of benefits including discounts across our range of events and services, use of our member suites and support from our global team of Membership Managers.

Benefits include:

Industry programmes & Advocacy Initiatives

Participation & Networking

Access to Key Tools

Events and Marketing opportunities

General Benefits for all

1. Access to Info Centre

Exclusively for MDCA Members; Info Centre is your place to connect with Myanmar community of industry experts. Collaborate, network, search and share information, intelligence and the resources that you need to influence and grow your business within the mobile digital contents ecosystem.

2. Participation and Networking

MDCA’s facilitated programmes, projects and working groups enable Members to work together in a structured and efficient way towards a common goal. Members are encouraged to participate in a range of forums including but not limited to:


Working Groups

Regional Interest Groups

Industry Focused Projects

Seminars and training

3. Access to Key Tools

MDCA Members are provided with an ever evolving range of tools, resources and guidance to ensure their organisation and the industry continues to grow including but not limited to:



Membership Benefits

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