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Digitization and Contents Consumption

15th August (Saturday)

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Welcome To Myanmar Digital Contents Association

"Making Digital Contents Industry Alive to contribute Myanmar."

To Support the Digital Contents Industry Development;​

To Support the self-help, self-regulated efforts in Myanmar Digital Contents Industry;​

To Assist The Ministry of Information and Post and Telecommunication Department in Digital Contents Regulations from the perspective of a non-profit organization;

To Support the development of Digital Economy towards Industry 4.0, with a proper framework set-up for each contents category;

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Myanmar Highlight

Despite the benefits, new technologies have created new intellectual property.....

About the association​

Digital content businesses can include news, information, and entertainment.....​

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The 50 companies with the highest revenue are split between those.....

Objectives of the Association

1. Capacity Building

Contribute to the capacity building and business development efforts of the digital contents and telecom industry;

2. Promoting

Promote digital contents and to spread the interest in digital contents;

3. Enhance Cooperation

Improve cooperation among digital and contents industry’s key stakeholders including regulator, operators & providers;

4. Assisting PID and MOI

Assist the government in strengthening the regulatory framework of the digital and contents industry;

5. Contents and VAS

Expand and enhance the digital contents & mobile value added services sectors;

6. Addressing Challenges

Address the issues, concerns and challenges of the digital contents and mobile economy and takes a leading role in its development;

7. Promoting Creative, High-quality Contents

Last but not least, promote the creation, distribution & use of high-quality digital content which is essential to the current, information society & aim at encoring healthy development of digital content-related industries, improvement of culture, pleasant and rich life of people and international contribution.

Myanmar Digital Contents Association

:No.(57), Pyay Road, 6 ½miles, Yangon, Myanmar.

: +959 894 7977 74

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