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About Association

Our Association, which is positioned to provide technical assistance and international practices, involving information and telecommunications, operates using the resources of the Association’s members and of cooperating individuals and organisations, for the purpose of providing such assistance from the perspective of an non-profit organization at a level distinct from the assistance provided by governments and business corporations for the development of Myanmar Digital content Ecosystem. The Association mainly provides information and telecommunication technology in support of self-help efforts in Myanmar Digital Content Ecosystem.


Digital Content Industry is an important component of the digital economy especially after the launch of new MNOs in Myanmar which ultimately change the lifestyle and behaviour of Myanmar People. The digital content industry is the use of digitalise-tech tools and information technology to integrate the image, text, audio and other content into products and services.

Who we are:

We are a group of major key-players and content providers in Myanmar digital contents with a passion to develop this upcoming and booming digital content ecosystem with the experience we have had together with industry’s key stakeholders and regulatory officials.

Our Reason of existence is:

1. To Support the Digital Contents Industry Development;

2. To Support the self-help, self-regulated efforts in Myanmar Digital Contents Industry;

3. To Assist The Ministry of Information and Post and Telecommunication Department in Digital Contents Regulations from the perspective       of a non-profit organization. 

4. To Support the development of Digital Economy towards Industry 4.0, with a proper framework set-up for each contents category.

Myanmar Digital Contents Association

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