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Key Activities

1. Capacity Building

Activities for capacity building would include (but not be limited to):

  • Organizing regular meetings and knowledge sharing activities amongst the Digital & Contents for the growth and development
  • Organizing regular exchange visits and interactions with the local & foreign operators to ensure knowledge transfer;
  • Producing proprietary research for its members and the public, and creates public and private forums
  • Exploring and advance key issues that impact digital content brands
  • Training workshops in journalism, digital & content creation to improve capacity of practitioners.

2. Enhance Cooperation

Activities for capacity building would include (but not be limited to):

  • Strengthening of the digital contents ethics framework to self-regulate the industry.
  • Establishment of a joint task force of key stakeholders (regulator, public media, private media) to identify and address key most pressing issues facing the digital and contents & telecom industry;

3. Strengthing Regulatory

Activities for capacity building would include (but not be limited to):


  • Supporting the launch of research studies for strengthening of the existing telecom laws including digital contents law and Bylaws;
  • Providing technical assistance in the digitalization of Myanmar’s digital contents industry,


Incubation Program (Digital Contents related)

Part of our goal for capacity building and enhancing the digital contents ecosystem in Myanmar, association will have incubation program that has following characteristics:

  • 1. Community Context
  • 2. Mastery
  • 3. Patience

Digital’s Leading C’ Suite Breakfast (monthly)

This is five people C’suite breakfast for high-level networking to make real impact in ecosystem.

  • 1. Government
  • 2. Telecom
  • 3. Media (broadcasting/Print)
  • 4. CP
  • 5. International organisation

Tuesday Content Club Meet-up (monthly)

This is the networking event with workshops and talks on promoting Myanmar digital contents in public happening every last Tuesday evening of the month. The speakers will vary.

Myanmar Digital Contents Conference (Annual)

This will be an international forum in collaboration with government and international organisation, in order to enhance Myanmar Digital content ecosystem with international trends. 

Newsletter publishing & Research

Continuous research and updates on what is happening in the industry on monthly basis.

Regular Activities

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