"Today's Digital Content Industry"

             Beginning from the third industrial revolution in the late 20th century, digital industry has become one of the modern trademark  for all kinds of businesses. These days, everything has changed from traditional way to digital way. In the past decades, people  mainly used newspaper, television, billboards, radio, magazines or flyers to advertise their  products or services, share information  or inform news. Nowadays with the advance digital transformation including social media, websites and YouTube, people just need a mouse to click on computer or just one tap on your mobile phone or tablet, we can know everything about what is happening in this world.  In this digital world, digital content is playing as an important component for digital economy.

              But what is digital content and who are creating them??????

              Digital content is the information of something that is shared published on electronic devices. Digital content is also known as digital media. Digital contents can be many forms with different types. Some examples of digital contents include video, audio,images, blog, product reviews, music videos, mind map, comments,polls,newsletters, quotes, tweets and everything that is shared or published on the internet.  Everyone can write digital contents with a  simple starting point like creating a website, making a vlog or YouTube channel, creating a GIF and memes or recording a song. So,when you post, share, tweet, comment on internet, you can be considered as being  a part of digital content creators. Digital content is divided into two sections: paid digital content and unpaid digital content. Some contents are paid that the users have to pay require charge to get more access  such as netflix,viu, iTunes or spotify. Some contents are free access for everyone especially advertisements and news .

            According to the Global Digital Content market research of 2019, Global digital content market is valued at 129,600 million USD in 2018  and is expected to reach 271,300 million USD by the end of 2024, growing at a  compound annual growth rate (CAGR)of 13.1% between 2019 and 2024. 

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