"SIM Cards & Their Owners"

        In the previous article regarding the registration of SIM cards, it was mentioned how SIM cards have evolved over the years and the cons of improper SIM registration. Such drawbacks include the tremendous growth in cyber crimes due to the inability to trace back to the culprits and a disorganized telecom market in Myanmar owing to the increase in intense competition among telecom operators and the lack of proper registration system that would eventually lead to a more systematic market with a suitable, limited number of SIMs in one’s hands.

        On the flip side, how would a great mobile SIM registration system favor the citizens of Myanmar, telecom operators providing these SIM cards, and Myanmar as a whole? After the downsides have been vividly illustrated, it is almost definitely sure that this will bring about countless benefits contributing to various categories of our daily lifestyles, which will be further explained in this article. 

        First and foremost, with security being one of the top most vital aspects of life, a mandatory SIM registration will be able to provide higher assurance of identity and verification of user data and credentials according to the standards and security frameworks of the system. In other words, this will ensure better adequate privacy and protection of the consumers’ data that, in turn, can also help the government trace back the perpetrators in case of cybercrimes, gradually triggering reduced risk of identity theft, breaches, and frauds. Likewise, if SIM registration was to be mandated in the future, mobile operators would be required to capture and store user information as part of the process, which would help the operators keep track of the number of SIMs a user possesses, leading to a more systematic and developed telecom market.

         In addition, not only can this mobile SIM registration be leveraged to build a centralized, digital national identity service, this also has the ability to merit e-Governments, the associated services, and will prove to be useful in contributing to the society and the tasks we all perform on a daily basis. It is indisputable that there are legions of categories, ranging from day-to-day online delivery services to other processes such as online booking, mobile banking, and so on, conforming to those services that require personal account registration and involve payment processes in this very age of technology. In general, secure, verified login would be assured with high guarantee of personal identity and verification in addition to one-click secure access to all the online accounts.

        Amongst them, one of the most prominent seems to be financial services that require the highest level of security and assurance of personal verification. This means that account openings, enrolments, and boarding will become more streamlined and seamless with the help of a proper registration system and verification processes like credentials and income verification required for banking services via mobile: account, credit, loan, can be made more secure and further optimized for cost savings.  

        It is certainly both surprising and remarkable how technology has enabled a person to achieve such a great deal of things with just a SIM card and a mobile in one’s hands. Nevertheless, this will be even more enhanced with further goals to target once SIM cards are properly registered as the identity of the owners will be carefully recorded, which can be useful in multiple cases including background checks, job applications, tax filing, etc. Did you know you could register for a university online with just a mobile in your possession? Since personal data and credentials are involved in the SIM registration system, processes such as course registration, attendance, test taking can be carried out conveniently with personal data verified.

     Moreover, there is one particular topic that cannot be omitted when mentioning online services in this age of development and advancement: Online Shopping. It is apparent to the majority these days of how online shopping works and thus, the same benefits apply to this service as well providing an identity of personal data of an account and ensuring security in terms of digital payment no matter which type of shopping is done: remote or face-to-face retail, which prevents fraud and identity theft. Furthermore, looking from the perspective of the category of travelling, services such as online booking also conforms to the same pattern involving enhanced safety. Likewise, a more practical use of personal data applies when the person consuming the service must be over a certain age requirement, in other words, on-the-go age verification. This scenario sometimes applies in online gaming where poker is an obvious example.

      With the gradual use of digital medical services through mobiles, medical services have become more advanced and accordingly, it is profound that these play a crucial role in the development of the lifestyles of citizens and the country as a whole. These online medical services usually consist of a series of steps namely registration, check-ins, and appointments that all require the use of personal data. Similarly, other health-related services, for instance, health services management, health insurance, public health entitlements, also require the same benefit provided by a single registration system, the validation of personal credentials.

     In a nutshell, not only will a systematic SIM registration system prove to be useful in a numerous area of categories ranging from entertainment to health to education to financial services, it will also help reduce cybercrimes to a certain level, even though they can neither be totally evaded nor extinguished, by keeping detailed records of the SIMS and their related owners. Yet, it is also utterly necessary that the consumers strictly follow the steps when the time comes to ensure an absolute change for the better.

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